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My name is Daniel and I like to write. I have big fantasy epics in my head, but I do not have the motivation to finish them in one go. So, inspired by fanfiction and Daily Dracula, I’m dropping my fiction one chapter at a time, completely free.

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I don’t ask for a single penny – you can read all my serials for free online

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I hate advertising and you do too – so I won’t run a single ad on my site. Ever.

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Funded by Patreon and Ko-fi, so I can write the kinds of stories I want to read.

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Featured Serials

These are the serials I’m featuring at the moment; more will be added in time!

The Saga of Summer’s Path | Spring

Cyberpunk and Norse Mythology inspired Urban Fantasy

Ledi is a fixer who works for a notorious and dangerous boss, who sends him to ‘fix’ the arrest of a cargo-boat’s captain. The boat and its passengers are keeping secrets, and finding out what they are might not be in Ledi’s best interest.

Theralis | The Relic

High Fantasy Epic

Sadia al-Mani’s greatest hero is her mentor, Quintus Magnus, religious leader and heir to the legacy of knights-in-shining-armour. When Sadia begins to dig into that history to impress Quintus, his reticence and chill makes her suspicious about what exactly those knights did.

Questions and answers


Is it really completely free?

Yes, 100% of the time, and forever. I accept Patreons and Kofi donations, and in the future I may look into supplementing with Definitive Edition e-books to raise money, but the serials will always be free.


Why release fiction like this?

Largely because I struggle with motivation and I like seeing my readers react to what I’ve written as I go. Moveover, as magazines, fanfiction, and Daily Dracula have confirmed, people love serialised content.


Do we need to sign up to read?

Absolutely not! If you’d like to be notified precisely when I release a new chapter, you could consider signing up to my newsletter, which will plug it straight into your inbox. Or just come to the site whenever – it’s all fine by me.

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  • And We’re Live!

    And We’re Live!

    My website is finally live and I’m thrilled! I don’t have much to say about it right this minute – I’m working hard on getting the first serials for The Saga of Summer’s Path ready for publication – but I do want to quickly say that I hope this lasts. I hope this is a […]