Daniel A. Ryder

Do you wanna hear a random fact? According to cladistics based classification, there’s no such thing as a tree, reptile, or fish.

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’m a 25 year old disabled, transgender, queer writer who is pretty much incapable of planning anything shorter than a trilogy. I’ve always wanted to write but struggled a lot with motivation – my disabilities were preventing me from realising all the stories I had trapped in my head.

But Daily Dracula came along, and something magical happened – people got really excited about serialised fiction. It was silly to realise, I admit – serial fiction has been going for a while. But I realised a 10,000 word chapter was a much more managable writing-to-reward goal for me, and so I began tweaking my intended break points for my stories, having seen a writing workflow I thought I could cope with.

And now here I am – releasing my fiction bit by bit online for free.