The Saga of Summer’s Path


Cyberpunk and Norse Mythology inspired Urban Fantasy

Ledi is a Fixer, who works for and is deeply indebted to a man called Nico; a notorious and dangerous gang boss who’s idea of a clean solution is dumping bodies and paying off witnesses. The alternative to Nico’s brutality is braving a ruthless and uncaring panopticon, where his every move is tracked, logged, and sold on for profit by the obscenely large and profitable Wellenlicht-Sicherheitssysteme.

One late October evening, Nico sends him to fix the arrest of Rymr, an Icelandic cargo-ship captain who had fallen afoul of Wellenlicht’s private security force when his ship was impounded. According to Rymr’s uncle Ulrikr, he hadn’t done anything, but Ledi knows better than to believe what he’s told. And when he finds out Rymr and Ulrikr’s secret, exonerating the innocent becomes the last thing on his mind.


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